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Employees wishing to access employee performance programs must have an account on the BKLinkGlobal portal. You must contact your authorized personnel and obtain their login details. You can also contact us in the comments below for help creating your BKLinkGlobal username and password.

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The Burger King Employee Portal gives you access to a variety of benefits such as Payroll, Payroll, Employee Handbook, Employee Resource Planning, Employee Helpline, Retirement, Vacation, and even more.

Follow Process To Reset The Forgotten Password

You are not alone, many forget their password for the BKLinkGlobal login portal. There are many reasons for this. Some of them are that you first chose a difficult password or saved your password on your computer and then forgot what it was.

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Always be careful not to save your password on a public computer. This will give you access to all users of this computer. Let’s see how to recover your password and regain access to your account.

  • Visit the same website that you visited to log in.
  • You will find “Forgot your password?” ยป Below the “Enter” button.
  • After clicking this button, you will be taken to a page similar to the one below.
  • Enter your assigned username.
  • Click “Connect”.
  • Then check your registered email id.
  • BKLinkGlobal will send you a link to retrieve your password.
  • Click on the submitted link and create a new password.

Follow these steps to make sure your password is recovered. Please enter your correct username, please verify before confirming. To never forget your password, write it down somewhere.